At St Margaret’s we believe Religious Education is fundamental to the overall development of the child. Our Religious Education program aims at fostering and developing the faith of each child in partnership with the family so that each may grow in faith and in the love of God within the community of St. Margaret’s. We endeavour to encourage a Catholic way of living, modelled on the life of Christ. We aim to develop confident happy individuals, who respect and value others, who participate with the faith community of the Parish and the wider Church, and are encouraged to contribute their gifts as responsible, active members of the community.

Religious education is not limited to the formal teaching of lessons in the classroom. The religious education curriculum aims to complement the family in developing the whole child in the life of the faith through:

  • celebrating liturgy;
  • receiving Sacraments;
  • responding to the spirit of God in their lives and in creation;
  • celebrating the mystery and life of the Risen Christ;
  • handing on factual knowledge;
  • understanding the scriptures and the traditions of the Catholic Church.

Students in Prep to Year 6 are involved in the following school activities:

  • Regular masses and prayer services
  • A variety of liturgical celebrations that may include elements such as prayer, song, movement, meditation and reflection
  • Scripture study
  • The celebration of the sacraments:
    • First Reconciliation - Year 3
    • First Eucharist - Year 4
    • Confirmation – Year 6
  • Prayer leadership
  • Social justice awareness

Linking with the Parish is an important aspect of our Religious Education program. Father Kevin Dillon, our Parish Priest is very keen for the children to be part of the Parish by attending mass, during school time and on Sunday’s. He has a visible presence in the school which further strengthens the School – Parish links.

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