Autonomous - Is able to self organise with a developing sense of independent thought and individual decision making.

Balanced - Values and maintains all aspects of life bringing school, family and world together, respecting the whole person. Approacheslearning in a balanced intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and recreational manner.

Collaborative - Can problem solve through sharing ideas and resources while being respectful of others. Is capable of challenging others and accepts feedback with an open mind. Is focused on the common goal and while appreciating the importance of humour, stays on task.

Compassionate - Has empathy for others by showing care and respect. Values a strong sense of justice and fairness.

Courageous - Is not afraid of uncertainty and is prepared to take risks. Understands that making mistakes is part of the learning process. Is resilient, mentally tough and persistent in the face of challenges.

Creative - Is prepared to try things out, generate new ideas or improve on old ideas. Can develop new ways to solve problems.

Curious - Engages in tasks with an inquiring mind. Is enthusiastic about questioning, researching and gaining a deeper understanding. Has a love of learning and is persistent in efforts to discover.

Passionate - Is enthusiastic about their learning and is engaged in discussion and activities. Is focused and brings energy to what needs to be done.

Reflective - Takes time to consider the effectiveness of the learning journey and what needs to be done next. Seeks clarification. Identifies the strengths and weaknesses of their learning. Acknowledges progress and effort rather than just the product. Considers how learning connects with other knowledge.