School Fees
Absence from School
Starting School - Prep
Home Learning

School Fees

Does the school charge fees for tuition?

Yes, the school is obliged to collect school fees, as part of our funding agreement with the Government.

Download school fees pdf document for 2018


Do students at St Margaret’s wear school uniforms?

Yes, all students of St Margaret’s wear school uniforms. Refer to School Uniform details.

Where can I purchase uniforms?

School uniforms can be purchased from

Bellarine Uniforms, 162 Moorabool Street 5221 9199


My child has severe nut allergies. Are teachers trained to deal with anaphylaxis?

Yes, staff at St Margaret’s have been trained in Anaphylaxis management, First Aid and CPR. These qualifications are regularly updated.

My child has asthma. Do I need to let the school know?

Yes, this is very important. The school needs to know your child's asthma plan. If your child has another chronic condition, such as diabetes, it is important that the school is aware. This helps us care for your child and be attentive to their health needs.

My child needs to take some medication at school. What do I need to do?

If possible, try and give any medication before or after school. If this isn't possible, clear, written directions need to be provided, detailing when and what dose needs to be given. Any medication that needs to be refrigerated will be kept in the fridge in the staff room.

My child is sick. What do I need to do?

When your child is sick, it is important that they are well before returning to school. This is important for your child's wellbeing and for all other class members. When your child returns to school, please send an absence note back.

Some sicknesses necessitate a period of exclusion from school. There is more information here.

Absence from School

What should I do if my child is absent from school?

If you haven't notified the school about your child being absent you will receive a text message or phone call from the school alerting you about your child's non-attendance.

It is a requirement that the school is notified about student absenteeism. Student absence at St Margaret’s can be communicated via the following:

  • E-mail
  • Written communication
  • Skoolbag app
  • Phone message
  • School absenteeism form

If student non-attendance isn’t communicated by any of the above, parents will be asked to complete and sign off on a ‘Notification of Absenteeism’ form, which outlines the reason and date of absenteeism.

Starting School - Prep

Starting school can be an exciting but stressful time for children and parents. At St Margaret’s, we recognise that supporting our new students is vital to ensure they have a great start to their school life.

Every Prep student has a Year 6 buddy. The buddies help new students settle into school life. Occasionally, the Prep and Year 6 classes will come together for special "buddy activities". All buddies enjoy this time together.

Home Learning

What is the school's position on home learning?

Student home learning is determined by the family and the school doesn't set a prescribed home learning timetable. All parents vary on how they value and choose to prioritise their after school time with their children and the school doesn't impinge or restrain on this by setting homework schedules.

St Margaret's teachers focus their learning program on explicit teaching which concentrates on a personalised approach, catering for a wide range of student learning needs.

If a family chooses for their child to revise school work through home learning, we suggest that the matific mathematics program be used. Spelling words can also be revised, and reading is supported by books from our well resourced library. Senior students can spend additional time researching work relevant to their Inquiry Learning topic.