St Margaret’s School, East Geelong has a rich and proud tradition dating back to 1949. As the East Geelong area began to develop after the war, the 2-classroom school opened with Mrs Margaret Silvester as Principal.

In 1950 the school was placed under the care of the Sisters of Mercy who continued to teach and administer the school until 1995.

St Margaret’s is set within a largely residential area and is approximately 4 kilometres from Central Geelong.

The school is now housed in a double storey red brick structure. Additions to this building include a library and canteen.

A Master plan has recently been completed which will include a new library, multi-purpose room and developments which will better cater for educational needs of the 21st Century.

Until 2008, St Margaret’s School was under the auspices of St Margaret’s Parish, East Geelong. With a decline in the number of priests across the Archdiocese of Melbourne, changes to parish structures have been necessary. St Margaret’s Parish was re-unified with St Mary’s of the Angels Parish, Geelong in early 2009.

Father Kevin Dillon is our Parish Priest, and we enjoy a close working relationship with the 3 other schools now within the Parish Boundaries – Christ the King Newcomb, St Robert’s Newtown and St Mary’s Geelong.